Independence Coffee Co.

Established in 2001, Independence Coffee seeks to create a passionate community of coffee and tea enthusiasts by providing the highest quality hand-roasted and packaged 'world' coffees and hand-blended tea products while honoring traditional 'old school' roasting and blending methods that pay respect to coffee's rich history. They have roast over 650,000 pounds of high-grown coffees from thirteen different producing countries and for customers who range from individuals to large grocery markets such as H-E-B and Whole Foods Market.

Independence Coffee Co. is located in the birthplace of Baylor University: Independence, TX! Since 2008 the company has been a partner of ours, with a portion of the proceeds from their Baylor Signature Line going towards funding the Baylor Libraries. The line includes ‘1845 Charter Blend’, ‘Bruin Brew’, ‘Homecoming Special’, “Sic ‘em Special”, and “The Good ol’ Baylor Line”. 


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