Women's Missionary Society

The Women's Missionary Society was an organization affiliated with one of the Methodist churches located in Wharton County, Texas. The collection records the details of their monthly meetings beginning in December 1933 and ending in December 1939. During these six years, the organization was known by three names and had only two secretaries (Mrs. J.O. Graham, 1933, 1937-1939; Mrs. Hart, 1934-1936). Initially, the group was recorded as the Missionary Society, followed by the Women's Missionary Society, and finally as Women's Christian Service beginning in July 1939. The Women's Missionary Society meetings were highly organized and followed a set schedule. Events sponsored by the organization included religious education for children, the maintenance of a women's home in Houston, and support of Methodist missionaries in Texas oil company towns and in China. In order to support these activities, the organization engaged in various fund raising initiatives. These included soliciting wealthy individuals for donations, selling brand products, and hosting teas, fairs, and special events, such as the Shirley Temple Show during the summer of 1937. These fundraising endeavors provided enough money for the organization to increase its funds during the Great Depression from $300.57 in 1933 to $1,070 in 1939.

More information about the Women's Missionary Society can be found in the Wharton County Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church records at The Texas Collection.

Wharton County Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church records, The Texas Collection