Sarah Charlotte Pier Wiley

Photo of Ruth Shick Montgomery
Photo found in the Sarah C. Pier Wiley papers, Accession #139, Box #1, Folder #10, The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

The Pier family received a land grant in Austin County following the independence of Texas from Mexico in 1836. Sarah Charlotte Pier Wiley was born on this land in 1840 and later attended Baylor's Female Department at Independence from 1857 to 1859 to study music. She was visiting family in Ohio when the Civil War started. She returned home to find that her father and younger brother both joined the Confederate Army. She met her future husband, Henry Purris Wiley, during the war and the two married in 1865. They settled on a farm in Travis, Texas, and had ten children. Sarah C. Pier Wiley died in 1920 in Waco.

More information about Sarah Charlotte Pier Wiley can be found in the Sarah C. Pier Wiley papers at The Texas Collection.

Sarah C. Pier Wiley papers, The Texas Collection

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