Spouses of Politicians

Photo of Frances C. Poage
Photo of Frances C. Poage found in the Frances C. Poage Map Room, The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

The Baylor Collections of Political Materials house congressional collections along with the papers of many state and local leaders. The spouses of these leaders are a substantial part of their story, and in many collections, we have schedules, correspondence, speeches, photographs, and other materials detailing the legislative experience of spouses.

More information about Spouses of Politicians can be found in various collections held by the Baylor Collections of Political Materials.

Thomas Chester "Chet" Edwards U.S. House of Representatives Papers
Alan W. Steelman Papers
Bob Bullock Campaign collection
James R. "Jim" Dunnam papers
Edmund L. Nichols papers
Jack Hightower papers
William R. Smith, Sr. papers

Specific Folders within the Thomas Chester "Chet" Edwards U.S. House of Representatives papers

Series 10. Speeches
Subseries 2. Campaign

Box 176. Folder 16. “A Small Moment ” by Lea Ann Edwards (HW), 1996
Box 176. Folder 22. Stump Speech for Lea Ann Edwards, 2004 October

Specific Folders within the Alan W. Steelman papers

Series 1. Administrative
Subseries 3. Schedules

Box 6. Folder 6. Carolyn Steelman’s Schedules, 1973

Specific Folders within the Bob Bullock Campaigns collection

Subseries 15. Itineraries
Box 26. Folder 21. Jan Bullock, 1990 March
Box 26. Folder 22. Jan Bullock, 1990 April
Box 26. Folder 23. Jan Bullock, 1990 May
Box 26. Folder 24. Jan Bullock, 1990 June
Box 26. Folder 25. Jan Bullock, 1990 July
Box 26. Folder 26. Jan Bullock, 1990 August
Box 26. Folder 27. Jan Bullock, 1990 September
Box 26. Folder 28. Jan Bullock, 1990 October
Box 26. Folder 29. Jan Bullock: Biographical Matl., circa 1990
Box 26. Folder 30. Jan Bullock: Form Letter & Release, circa 1990
Box 26. Folder 31. Jan Bullock: Trip Log, 1990 March-October

Series 6. 1994 Campaign
Subseries 3. Correspondence
Sub-subseries 2. Form Letters

Box 41. Folder 28. Jan Bullock Trip, 1993 March 25

Subseries 8. Itineraries
Box 45. Folder 27. Jan Bullock, 1993 February
Box 45. Folder 28. Jan Bullock, Main Street Tour, 1992 March

Specific Folders within the James R. "Jim" Dunnam papers

Series 1. Administrative
Subseries 2. Appointment Schedules

Box 2. Folder 15. LeeAnn and Michelle, undated