Mary D. Sneed

Mary D. Sneed was born in 1807 to William and Mary Sneed. In 1824, she married George Washington Sneed, and together the couple had seven children. At some point after their last child was born, Mary and George moved from Tennessee to Texas. George Washington Sneed died on July 1, 1851. In 1854, Mary D. Sneed remarried to James E. Patton. In the same year, her daughter, also named Mary D. Sneed, married Thomas D. Woodward. After two years of marriage, Thomas Woodward died, and Mary and James Patton were divorced in 1860. The two Marys moved to Waco, Texas, and spent the rest of their lives together there. Mary D. Sneed (the mother) lived longer than any of her children. She passed away on March 30, 1905 at the age of 97.

More information about Mary D. Sneed can be found in the Sneed-Woodward-Patton Family papers at The Texas Collection.

Sneed-Woodward-Patton Family papers, The Texas Collection