Dorothy Scarborough

Photo of Dorothy Scarborough
Photo found in the General Photo Files collection, Accession #3976, Box #221.01, Folder #27, The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

Dr. Dorothy Scarborough was born in Mount Carmel, Texas, on January 27, 1873, and her family moved to Waco in 1887. In 1896, she graduated with her B.A. in English from Baylor University and continued her education by earning her M.A. in English in 1899. She taught several courses in the English department at Baylor while simultaneously taking classes towards her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. Scarborough eventually received her Ph.D. in 1917 from Columbia University, where she began teaching courses and became an associate professor by 1931. She maintained a lifelong interest in the study of folklore and was a member of the Texas Folklore Society, the American Folk Song Society, and the American Folklore Society. Scarborough was also a prolific author and published collections of poetry and folk songs, monographs, and short stories before her death on November 7, 1935.

More information about Dorothy Scarborough can be found in the Dorothy Scarborough papers at The Texas Collection.

Dorothy Scarborough papers, The Texas Collection