Amo Paul Bishop Roden

Photo of Amo Paul Bishop Roden
Photo found in the [Waco] Branch Davidians: Amo Paul Bishop Roden collection, Accession #3312, Box #1, Folder #11, The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

Born in 1943, Amo Paul Bishop Roden married George Roden in October 1987. George Roden was the son of Benjamin and Lois Roden, leaders of a Seventh-Day Adventist sect known as the Branch Davidians. Amo and George were expelled from the sect's Mount Carmel property a month after their marriage following a shootout between George and Vernon Howell (aka David Koresh). Roden and Howell competed against each other for leadership of the sect following Lois Roden's death. George Roden was convicted of murder in 1989 and sent to a mental institution, after which Amo divorced him. She used her marriage to George, however, to claim leadership of the Branch Davidians after David Koresh's death at the end of the siege on the compound outside of Waco in 1993. She wrote several manuscripts and pamphlets about Branch Davidian theology and their viewpoint of the standoff with authorities that culminated in a deadly fire. She continues to fight for leadership of the Branch Davidian sect.

More information about Amo Paul Bishop Roden can be found in the [Waco] Branch Davidians: Amo Paul Bishop Roden papers at The Texas Collection.

[Waco] Branch Davidians: Amo Paul Bishop Roden papers, The Texas Collection