Faye Wellborn Robbins

Photo of Faye Wellborn Robbins
Photo found in the 1949 Roundup.

Faye Elaine Wellborn Robbins was born on April 7, 1928, in Gladewater, Texas. She enrolled at Baylor University in the fall of 1945. During her years as an undergraduate student, she double-majored in drama and journalism and took additional coursework at the seminary. Robbins joined the Baptist Student Union council as well as her dorm council, served as a class officer, and sang in the Baylor Religious Hour (BRH) Choir.

Robbins was equally as involved in Baylor's student-led revival movement during her student years. She worked in youth revivals and vacation Bible schools across Texas during the summers of 1946-1948. At the Ninth Street Mission, a branch of Waco's Seventh and James Baptist Church that ministered to the surrounding community, Robbins taught Sunday school classes. Seventh and James Baptist Church hosted the Baptist Student Union (BSU) convention during her time at Baylor and was instrumental in encouraging racial unity among local Baptist churches in the Waco area.

Robbins graduated from Baylor University in 1949 with a double major in English and history and a minor in religion. After graduation, she moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where she helped organize three new Baptist Student Unions. After a few years, she returned to Baylor where she took coursework towards a master's degree in history and worked as the executive secretary for the Baptist Student Union director.

In 1955, Robbins completed her master's thesis at Ouachita Baptist College while she worked as an assistant to the school's president. Then, in 1956, she moved back to Baylor and finished her master's degree. She began her doctoral studies at Vanderbilt and completed her residency in European history. Robbins married her husband during this time and started a family.

Robbins temporarily placed her education on hold and taught at the University of Arkansas while her husband coached for the university and worked on his doctorate. Following her husband's suggestion, Robbins later enrolled in the University of Arkansas and finished her Ph.D. in American history.

During retirement, Robbins wrote for multiple periodicals in her hometown of Gladewater, Texas.

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Faye Elaine Wellborn Robbins interview, Institute for Oral History