Annie Keeling Randle

Born in October 1887, Annie Keeling Randle and her family moved to Waco in the early 1900s and resided on North Sixth Street. She attended Central Texas College, which maintained close ties to New Hope Baptist Church, and majored in education. She expressed interest in poetry and drama and participated in productions at the college. Randle also gave dramatic readings and wrote several plays and poems of her own. On July 12, 1911, she married Sarnie Randle. After attending Baylor University's teaching classes without receiving credit, Waco Public Schools hired her to teach drama and speech. She attended Baylor in 1932, long before the university officially accepted its first African-American student. Randle continued her involvement in local clubs following her retirement and died on Christmas Day in 1984. The collection contains two of the plays she wrote.

More information about Annie Keeling Randle can be found in the Annie Keeling Randle papers at The Texas Collection and in her oral memoirs.

Annie Keeling Randle interview, Institute for Oral History
Annie Keeling Randle papers, The Texas Collection