Marlin Community Garden Club

The Marlin Community Garden Club was founded in 1923 by Ida Pauleen Linthicum, who was inspired to organize the club after reading about the Philadelphia Garden Club, the first club of its kind in the United States. She also became its first president, with Mrs. J.B. Billingsley as the first vice president. The Marlin Community Garden Club was the first gardening club in the state of Texas, and because of this, became a charter member of the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., in 1928.

By the 1950s, the club had expanded to include 175 members organized into smaller clubs around the city. During the club’s early years, many of the club’s traditional activities began, including the annual flower show that started in 1927. The club also hosted educational lectures focusing on a variety of different gardening topics, including garden design, floral arrangements, and botanical histories. The club worked to serve the community of Marlin by engaging in civic beautification projects of local highways, schools, and hospitals. The Marlin Community Garden Club has enjoyed a long history in the city, celebrating their ninety-fifth anniversary in 2018.

More information about Marlin Community Garden Club can be found in the Marlin Community Garden Club records at The Texas Collection.

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