Garden Clinic Garden Club

Photo of the Waco Garden Clinic Garden Club
Photo of the Waco Garden Clinic Garden Club located in Accession File 3638, Box 2, Oversized Folder 8

The Garden Clinic Garden Club was established in Waco, Texas, as an evening garden club that catered to businesswomen who were unable to attend daytime meetings. They were colloquially known as the “business women's’ garden club.” During the preliminary meetings in the summer of 1951, the organization’s name, flower (amaranthus), and color (flame) were chosen. The first club meeting was held on September 11, 1951, with fourteen charter members. That October, it was decided that the club would limit their membership to twenty-four women. Members participated in home gardening, floral arrangement, and community service.

The Garden Clinic Garden Club’s projects included “Planning and Maintaining Home Gardens,” “Plant Texas,” “Planting, Landscaping and Maintaining Home Gardens—and Water Conservation,” and “Supplying Parakeets and Cages for Crippled Children’s Hospital, Waco, Texas.” Members of the Garden Clinic Garden Club participated in various flower shows, conventions, and festivals across the state of Texas, including the annual Flower Show, the State Convention of Garden Clubs, and the Waco Council Garden Center Spring Festival. In March 1954, at the second annual Flower Show, themed "Gardens of the United Nations," the Garden Clinic won a tri-colored award for their floral exhibit inspired by Indonesia. On June 15, 1954, the Garden Clinic appeared on a local television program that advertised the activities of Waco’s garden clubs. The Garden Clinic Garden Club also helped to raise funds for the Garden Council Building in 1956. During that same year, they donated a tree to the Garden Council’s Memorial Tree Fund.

The Garden Clinic Garden Club was associated with the Waco Council of Garden Clubs, the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc., and Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., District V. The club was part of a large network of garden clubs in Waco during the twentieth century.

More information about Garden Clinic Garden Club can be found in the [Waco] Garden Clinic Garden Club records at The Texas Collection.

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