Olga Fallen

Photo of Olga Fallen
Photo found in the Olga Fallen collection, Accession #3797, Box #18, Folder #19, The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

Olga Fallen was born on October 10, 1931, in Brunswick, Georgia, and earned her B.A. from Georgia State College for Women followed by her M.S. from the University of Tennessee. In 1956, she arrived at Baylor University to teach dance and swimming. During the course of her time at Baylor, she taught or coached almost every women's sport through her position as either assistant professor of physical education or women's athletics coordinator. Fallen led women's sports at Baylor in the transition from the physical education department to the athletics department following the passage of Title IX, a section of the Education Amendment of 1972. Throughout her time as athletics coordinator, she struggled with inadequate staffing and resources, yet several of her teams still met with great success.

Her position as athletics coordinator was not renewed after 1979, but Fallen continued to teach at Baylor in the physical education department. Prior to her death in 2009, she earned her 40-year service pin from the university and was admitted to the Baylor Athletic Hall of Fame.

More information about Olga Fallen can be found in the Olga Fallen collection at The Texas Collection.

Olga Fallen collection, The Texas Collection