Texans in Conflict

Infirmary ledger from Camp MacArthur Infirmary ledger from Camp MacArthur, Waco, TX

The history of any people or place involves conflict in some form to facilitate growth, and no more so than in the birth and growth of a state. At The Texas Collection, this growth is represented by one of the largest collections of Texana in the world. From pre-Republic Texas to the present, the manuscript collection engages researchers and scholars in understanding conflicts and the roles Texans played in them.

The Civil War, World Wars I & II, the Cold War, and the Branch Davidian Siege of 1993 are among collection strengths. A search through BARD (Baylor Archival Repositories Database) provides many possibilities for research in these areas. Throughout Texas history, conflicts have pushed and shaped Texas and our manuscript collections reflect these developments.

Conflict is not only represented through wars, however. Conflict is evident in the lives of Texans as they struggled to build homes and communities, fought for rights and social change, and engaged in the establishment and expansion of businesses, education, and religious ideology. These areas of Texas life, and the conflicts that bore them, are also evident in the breadth and scope of the manuscript holdings.

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