Makerspace Upgrades Funding Opportunity

A makerspace is a physical place with technology, digital and non-digital, that when filled with a community of learners, tinkerers, creatives, technicians, and the curious, occasions a culture of collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation. The tools range from traditional shop class equipment, to cutting edge digital fabrication technology and projects scale from tinkering with pipe cleaners to prototyping a patentable invention that could be brought to market. Learning is formal and informal.

The Libraries' Makerspace contains equipment and resources available to faculty, staff, and students for formal, guided projects and informal maker culture. As we work to upgrade the current space, the University Libraries seek dedicated shop space, equipped with tools common to most makerspaces, and essential support staff as well as outreach staff dedicated to: 1. integrating making into curricula with faculty, 2. guided exploration for extra-curricular work, and 3. internal/external partnerships and programming.

To reach these goals, we estimate an investment of $750,000 for renovation of 7,000ft2 of library space; new, used, and donated equipment; and staff for facilities, services, curriculum, and outreach. 

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