Study Zones in Moody-Jones

The study zones of Moody Memorial Library and Jesse H. Jones Library are made available to help students, faculty, and staff achieve their academic pursuits. These facilities offer a range of spaces designed to support active collaboration, individual, and small group configurations, as well as silent study. Look for these signs as you enter study areas in Moody and Jones to identify what kind of zone you're entering.

Individual Study Zone Warning Sign

Active Study Zones

These zones are intended for a mix of group and individual study. Flexible furnishings in these zones make it possible for groups to gather and conduct projects while establishing a reasonable sound threshold so that those studying nearby are not disrupted in a way that makes concentration impossible. Those who prefer quieter spaces should opt for an individual or silent zone. 

Active study zones examples: Moody foyer (Starbucks area), Moody Garden Level, Rowe Reading Lounge (Moody 2nd), all elevator lobbies in Moody

Individual Study Zones

These areas are designed primarily for individual study with some options for quiet group study for groups of up to four (4) patrons. While not completely silent, the expectation in individual study zones is that the learning environment will generally be quiet. Light, quiet, passing conversation is allowed.

Individual study zones examples: Moody 1st floor, Moody 3rd floor, Jones 1st floor, Jones 2nd floor

Silent Study Zones

These areas are designated for quiet study. Group study is not an option in these spaces. Even loud music played through headphones is considered a distraction in silent zones. Voice calls/online conversations should be taken outside of the silent zone.

Silent study zone: Prichard Information Commons (Moody 2nd Floor)

Need Assistance?

If you have a concern about noise levels in these zones, please email or text using the free downloadable phone app called BU Campus Guardian.

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