Alice Owens Caufield

Alice Owens Caufield was born on November 5, 1907, at a farm near the present-day traffic circle in Waco, Texas. At the age of five, her mother died, and she learned to handle all operations of a farm with her father, sister, and grandparents. When her grandparents died, Caufield became the primary person carrying out all household farm chores. In 1929, she married James Caufield; Alice and James each had a son from a previous marriage at the time of their marriage to each other. She graduated from A.J. Moore High School in 1927, and then attended college at Paul Quinn College, Texas Southern University, and Baylor University, obtaining degrees in history and sociology and training in education. 

Beginning her career as a teacher's aide, Caufield also served as a nurse's aide, secretary, legal aid, outreach/social worker, and eventually program director of the organization at that time known as the Young Women's Christian Association, or YWCA. Specifically, she worked for many years with the Blue Triangle YWCA in Waco, a branch of a Houston organization that sought to host safe meeting and educational spaces and events for women and girls of color. As she joined in 1938, her longtime affiliation with the group began the year after they were founded. Alice Owens Caufield passed away on March 14, 1999, and she is buried in Robinson Cemetery, McLennan County, Texas.

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