Continuing Exhibits


A sampling of memorabilia concerning the Brownings, their families, and closest friends is exhibited in the John Leddy-Jones Research Hall and the Hankamer Treasure Room. The display of these personal items adds a third dimension to the study of the Brownings' lives and works.

The Unforgetable Professor Armstrong

Memorable events in the life of the great founder of the Armstong Browning Library, A. J. Armstrong, are featured in this exhibit of photographs and memorabilia.

Robert Browning Portrait Gallery

The third-floor hallway is lined with 31 reproductions of paintings and photographs of Robert Browning from his early manhood through later likenesses of 1889.

Recent Acquisitions in the General Collection

A selection of current, non-rare books recently added to the collection indicates the depth of research materials available in the Armstrong Browning Library.