Book Arts

The Baylor Libraries Book Arts Collection (BBAC) began in 2007 and was founded by Sha Towers with the acquisition of a collection of artists' books by artist Maddy Rosenberg. Since that time, the collection has grown to over 1500 works representing numerous artists and presses. The BBAC is part of the Arts and Special Collections Research Center located in Moody Memorial Library.

The BBAC functions as a teaching collection for both studio artists working in this medium, art history and various disciplines outside the arts. The collection is available for group and class meetings as well as individual appointments. In addition to its use by numerous students, researchers, and classes, the collection has been a feature of many local, regional, national, and international arts organizations such as the Waco Calligraphy Guild, the Southwest Calligraphy Conference, the Texas - Mexico Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America, and the Lone Star Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers. Examples of disciplines and courses which have incorporated the BBAC include medical humanities, history, introduction to art, graphic design, typography, non-woven fibers, mixed media, drawing, illustration, and book arts seminar.

The collection includes a wide ranging representation of structures and forms such as sculptural bookworks, fine press, letterpress, photography, calligraphy, digital, handmade papers, textiles, collaborative works, and more.


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