Darfurian Genocide

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The Interviews

Nasma Abdulkhalik - Houston, TX

Nasma Abdulkhalik was only seven years old when war came to her home in western Sudan. Taking her three brothers, she fled immediately to the mountains. Despite horrific violence all around her, Nasma joined the millions of Darfuris displaced by war as she searched for peace and reunion with her family. After time in Chad, Kenya, and Burkina Faso, Nasma came to the United States with her family in 2010 where she entered the Houston school system, first as a middle schooler before quickly promoted to high school. In June 2013, she married Khaled Handhal, and they currently have two children.

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Khaled Handhal - Houston, TX

Khaled was born near the city of Kutum in the state of North Darfur in Sudan. He worked as an interpreter for the International Committee of the Red Cross in various refugee camps in and around Sudan from 2007-2008. In the aftermath of the militia attacks he documented the atrocities, interviewing the displaced and injured and calling international attention to the ongoing violence in his home region.

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Ibrahim Mohammed Ishag - Houston, TX

A long-time advocate of the history and culture of Darfur, writer and journalist Ibrahim Ishag worked in the aftermath of militia attacks to document atrocities and interview the displaced and injured. After relocating to Egypt in 2007, he continued to serve his home region by calling international attention to the ongoing violence in Darfur. He also served as the leader of the Civil Society of Darfur, which works to assist Darfurian refugees, before his resettlement to the United States in 2015.

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