Cambodian Genocide

For an introduction to the Cambodian Genocide, please view the video above. You can also find a more expansive summary document on the THGC website here.

The Interviews

Albert Cheng - Richardson, TX

After forced evacuation from Phnom Penh, Albert Cheng survived interrogation before escaping into the jungle, a place where he spent much of his childhood. Later recaptured, he experienced years of forced labor and reeducation before fleeing to a Thailand refugee camp. He was resettled in the United States to Houston in 1980, but soon moved to be a part of the Cambodian community in Dallas. In 1997, he made his first return trip to Cambodia for a reunion with his brother. He has sense made trips back to work in a medical clinic and other humanitarian efforts.

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Savann Kruoch - Houston, TX

The son of a rice farmer, Savann Kruoch was involved in the mass evacuation from Phnom Penh where he was attending college. He survived four years of forced labor under the Khmer Rouge until the invasion of Cambodia by the Vietnamese. After spending time in several refugee camps, Kruoch was able to resettle in the United States. For over twenty five years he has been pastor of the First Cambodian Baptist Church, Aldine, Texas, and has led several mission trips back to his home country of Cambodia.

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Sichan Siv - San Antonio, TX

Sichan Siv experienced horrific violence at the hands of the Khmer Rouge as they took over his home country of Cambodia in 1975. After injury, abuse, and forced labor, he would escape to Thailand and then the US in 1976. Despite the recent loss of his family, Siv decided to enter school at Columbia University. He has since held various posts in the private sector, written books, and served as a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

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Paul Thai - Rockwall, TX 

Paul Thai, one of seven sons in a middle class family, spent his early life in Phnom Penh, his father a restauranteur. The Thais moved several times during the Cambodian Civil War to escape the conflict before being broken apart and scattered with the takeover of the Khmer Rouge. After several years in work camps, the Thais were reunited only to encounter additional hardships attempting to flee their country. Currently, Lieutenant Paul Thai serves the city of Dallas as a police officer, providing a safer and more just community for his new Texas home.

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