Bosnian Genocide

For an introduction to the Bosnian Genocide, please view the video above. You can also find a more expansive summary document on the THGC website HERE.

The Interviews

Mirzeta Colic - Houston, TX

Mirzeta Colic grew up in the city of Bijeljina along the Serbian border in her native Bosnia. Trained as an electrical engineer, she worked closely with a team of Serbs until war came to the region in the early 1990s. She escaped with her pregnant sister under the threat of violence, settling in Germany from 1994 to 1998, before immigrating to the United States and finding work in the banking industry. She has worked since then to assist most of her immediate family to resettle in Texas.

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Abdulah Hasic - Fort Worth, TX

Abdulah Hasic was a resident of Srebrenica who lost his brother and father in mass executions during the war in Bosnia. A ham radio operator, he was used by UN officials to communicate and gather information during the conflict.

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Baisa Heldic - Burleson, TX

When war came to her country of Bosnia in 1992, it separated Baisa Heldic from her daughter for three years. She survived amidst increasing oppression and violence toward  Muslims in her city of Banja Luka. She continued to work in a local vegetable market and relied on her wits to survive until finding her daughter and escaping to the US in 1995. Despite a difficult transition to living in the US and missing her home country immensely, Baisa built a life for her family in the Burleson area. She currently owns and operates a retail cleaning business.

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Hajrudin "Dino" Jusupovic - Plano, TX

Dino was in high school in Rogatica at the outbreak of war in Bosnia in April 1992. His family escaped to Zepa which became a Boniak enclave surrounded by the Army of the Republika Srpska just upstream of Srebrenica during the over three-year conflict. When the town fell in 1995, he fled to Serbia and was held in Sljivovica concentration camp for several months before his relocation to the United States. He was soon after rejoined by his parents and future wife from his homeland. After working several temporary jobs he built a career in real estate in the DFW Metroplex.

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