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Sponsored by Baylor University’s Institute for Oral History and the Oral History Association

This timely webinar addressed the dynamics of conducting remote oral history interviews. It begins with an analysis of the pros and cons of conducting distance oral history interviews. Stephen Sloan then addresses aspects of interviewing in a distance environment, breaking down the interviewer and narrator experience in these exchanges, and offers direction on best approaches for interviewing at a distance. In recording remote interviews, Steven Sielaff covers best practices for recording archival-quality oral history interviews, then discusses in depth the tools and techniques available to enable the user to follow best practices in a remote setting. Physical equipment and software used for landline, cellular, and web-based video conferencing recording solutions are discussed. Adrienne Cain covers the legal and ethical considerations and implications of oral histories conducted via distance interviewing. The information included in this section abides by OHA’s Principles and Best Practices, John Neuenschwander’s Oral History and the Law, as well as other resources applicable to distance interviewing.

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