Photocopies and Scans

The Texas Collection encourages patrons to make their own scans of materials, but in the event that patrons require a hard copy, staff can make photoduplications in accordance with the "Conditions of Service" below. Public photocopiers are not available in The Texas Collection.

Baylor University complies with the Copyright Act of 1976 (U.S.C. Title 17). For individuals engaged in scholarly research as provided under Sections §107 and §108, The Texas Collection will copy the following:

  1. A chapter from a book,
  2. An article from a periodical or newspaper,
  3. A short story, short essay, or short poem (i.e., less than 2,500 words), whether or not it is from a collective work,
  4. A chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture from a book, periodical, or newspaper,
  5. Certain percentages of such other types of materials such as oral history memoirs, manuscripts, or other unpublished items.

Request Copies

Your signature on the Photoduplication Form when ordering copies indicates your agreement to the following Photoduplication Conditions of Service. If you know what you would like photocopied or scanned, please print and review the request form. Before sending the form, please contact the staff to assure that the item being requested is in fair enough condition to be copied.

Conditions of Service

Special Note: Use and copying of certain materials may be restricted due to the fragile nature of some materials, special formats, or proprietary rights.

1. Prior permission must be obtained before making any copies of Texas Collection materials. Copying includes use of Texas Collection scanning equipment, cameras, cell-phone cameras, photocopiers, and other image producing equipment.

2. The person obtaining copies and signing below (the "User") agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Texas Collection, as well as Baylor University, its reagents, officers, employees, and agents against any claims, demands, costs, and expenses resulting from User's actual or alleged copyright infringement or any other legal or regulatory cause of action or claim arising for the copying use of the Texas Collection material.

3. The Texas Collection does not necessarily hold the copyrights, privacy permissions, releases, or public rights to the photographs and other materials in our collection. It is the User's obligation to determine copyright status and holders, meet the holders' requirements, and honor restrictions.

4. Unless the Texas Collection is the Copyright holder, or the User has permission of the copyright holder, or can show that the material is in the public domain, or can show that an entire copy cannot be obtained at a fair price, only excerpts of material may be copied; that is, User may obtain copies of one article or other contribution to a copyrighted collection or periodical issue or copy a small pert of any other copyrighted work.

5. Copies will not be made of pictorial or graphic works unless the Texas Collection is the copyright holder, or the User has permission of the copyright holder, or the User can show that the material is in the public domain, unless the pictorial or graphic works are published as illustrations, diagrams, or similar adjuncts to works of which copies are reproduced in some accordance with number 4 above.

6. Items to be copied must be listed on the Photoduplication Form.

7. The Texas Collection does not sell reproductions. The fee paid by Users for copies is to reimburse the Texas Collection for services and expenses incurred in making copies. Reproductions are made only for purposes of private study, scholarship, or research in lieu of a loan of the materials.

8. By coping materials, the User does not receive permission to publish manuscript and photographic materials in whole or in part. For materials in which the Texas Collection is the copyright owner, such permission must be obtained in writing from the Texas Collection prior to publication. The Texas Collection does no thereby give up its own right to publish or its right to permit others to publish the materials. Proper credit shall be given in citations and shall read: The Texas Collection, Baylor University; and if the materials are a significant resource for the publication, the Texas Collection requests a copy of the published work. For materials in which another party is the copyright owner, User must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

9. Reproductions are the property of the User and may not be sold, loaned, or in way transferred to any person, entity, organization, or library without permission of the Texas Collection, and additional copies may not be made.

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