University Archives

The University Archivist is the official custodian of records housed in the University Archives.

The University Archives collects the following Baylor materials, regardless of format:

  • Records of the Board of Trustees
  • Records of the Board of Regents
  • Records of former presidents, deans, departments, and committees-including correspondence, contracts, minutes, reports, publications, photographs, policies and procedures
  • Annual reports
  • Self-studies and accreditation visits
  • University publications, newsletters, catalogs, yearbooks, etc.
  • Published and unpublished materials that document all aspects of the Baylor community, including events, student life, and the physical campus
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Selected artifacts relating to Baylor University (as space permits)

The University Archives does not accept records currently in use by Baylor University offices and departments. Only inactive records may be transferred to the University Archives. Records sent to the University Archives that do not fit the mission of the University Archives will not be retained. Please see the Records Retention and Archival Policy for more information about official record keeping policies and guidelines.

Other materials related to Baylor University

Personal research and papers of faculty, students, and alumni which are not related to the official operation of the university are considered the private property of the individuals who created them and are not deposited into the University Archives. They may, however, be donated to The Texas Collection by faculty, administrators and others associated with the University in accordance with our Collection Development Policy.

Additionally, The Texas Collection may accept, as part of its general collection, donations of documents, photographs, and memorabilia that record the history and culture of Baylor University, including the records of organizations related to faculty, students, and staff. The Texas Collection may also collect records that are about Baylor University and members of the BU community, even if these materials were not created by persons associated with Baylor.

Guidelines for the Transfer of Records to the University Archives:

  • All files should be boxed in the order in which they appear in the file drawer. That is, when removing files from a file cabinet to a box, please ensure that the files and their contents remain in their original filing order, and that boxes are numbered sequentially.
  • Please compile an inventory of the materials being sent to the University Archives and include this documentation with the materials. Fill out the Transmittal of University Records form.
  • Contact the University Archivist via email so that we may expect your records and include a copy of the inventory, the completed Transmittal of University Records form, and your contact information in the e-mail.
  • Boxes should be full-that is, with less than 1/2 inch of space remaining.
  • Use plain manila folders (not expandable folders), whenever possible.
  • Records should be in folders with legible labels securely attached to the folders.
  • The folder label should reflect the contents of the folder.
  • Remove extraneous fasteners (e.g., binder clips, rubber bands and paper clips) wherever possible.
  • Materials housed in binders should be removed from the binder and placed in a folder prior to boxing.
  • All boxes should be numbered in sequential order and by reference to the total number of boxes to be transferred (e.g., 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc.) Affix a completed Records Transfer Box Label to each box. Before submitting a moving work order, please contact The Texas Collection to let us know the number of boxes expected so we can prepare for the incoming materials.

Please note: Your office may have copies of documents that were not produced by your office but were distributed University-wide. Do not send these items to the University Archives. These documents should be sent to the University Archives from the office of origin. We seek only documents related to your core program activity.

Do not include any credit card information in materials sent to the University Archives.

It is the responsibility of the office or department to arrange and pay for the transport of materials to the University Archives in Carroll Library.