Publication & Digital Reproduction Policy & Procedures

A central mission of the Baylor University Libraries is to make its collections available in support of research and scholarship by members of the Baylor University community and others. In order to support research and scholarship, the Baylor Libraries strive to reduce or eliminate restrictions for the research and educational uses of their collections, including the reproduction and publication of materials found in the collections. However, the Baylor Libraries and users of the Libraries must respect copyrights and other legal rights held by other parties that may affect the use of materials in the collections. Therefore the Baylor Libraries provide services on the following terms for purposes of supporting teaching, research, and other scholarship. This statement applies only if the use of materials is principally for research and scholarship. Uses that are principally for commercial purposes may be subject to separate agreements between the user and the specific Baylor University Library that holds the materials of interest. Note: Unless other arrangements have been made with the custodian, researchers need to contact personnel at the custodian library or collection regarding use of these digital objects. Please contact that library for specific information.

Publication and Other Uses of Materials from the Baylor University Libraries

  • General Information

    In order to reduce barriers to the dissemination of research conducted in its collections, the Baylor Libraries will ordinarily not set conditions on publication of materials from the Baylor Libraries' collections in connection with scholarship. The Baylor Libraries do not hold the copyright to most materials in the collections, and the Baylor Libraries will neither grant nor deny copyright permission regarding such materials. When using these materials in a publication, the researcher is responsible for obtaining permission to use the materials. Some details related to usage for each special collection are provided below:

  • Baylor University Holds the Copyright

    If Baylor University holds the copyright or other legal rights of materials in digital collections, the appropriate Baylor office may set standards and terms for the use of those materials.

  • Collaborative Digital Collections

    Some digital collections result from external collaborations or partnerships with other institutions. In these cases, users must contact those institutions directly in order to obtain information about use of those materials.

  • Materials or Services are Subject to Contract or Other Obligation

    Some materials in the Baylor Libraries' collections are subject to contractual obligations or other restrictions on use. Users are responsible for inquiring about such conditions and using materials in an appropriate manner.


The Baylor University Libraries request that all researchers who use its collections cite accurately, acknowledge, and give appropriate credit to the specific Baylor University library for supporting their research.

Attribution statement

The attribution for each special collection may vary, but generally will follow a format like the one listed below

  • [Identification of collection or record group]. [Library's formal name], Baylor University.Waco, Texas.
  • For example:
    • Royce-Darden Black Gospel Restoration Project. Baylor University Digital Collections, Baylor University. Waco, Texas.
    • Sam B. Hall Papers. Baylor Collections of Political Materials, Baylor University. Waco, Texas.

Work with staff at the special collection to determine their preferred attribution in publications.

Commercial or other uses

Reproduction and publication of materials found in the Baylor University Libraries' collections principally for commercial or other uses not permitted under the Policy on Publication and Digital Reproduction for Research and Scholarly Purposes is subject to separate agreement between the user and the specific library that holds the materials of interest. For further information or to request permission, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for Information Technology Services and University Libraries.

Large-scale initiatives

Reproduction and publication of large quantities of materials found in the Baylor University Libraries' collections may be subject to separate agreement between the user and the specific library that holds the materials of interest. For further information, please contact the appropriate library.

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