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Baylor University provides a centralized, High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster, named Kodiak, for all Baylor researchers and their associated collaborators. In addition to providing a foundation of computing and storage capacity, Kodiak also supports a "condominium model" which allows researchers to purchase additional computing and storage resources that may be integrated into the HPC cluster infrastructure. Idle condominium resources are available for all Kodiak users. Kodiak’s computing resources, including condominium systems, consist of 100 compute nodes, seven GPU nodes, one large-memory system, and 2.5PB of multi-tiered storage.

The High-Performance and Research Computing Services (HPRCS) group operates Kodiak and provides programming support for researchers, assists with research-technology projects, and liaises with central IT services on behalf of researchers.

System Name: Kodiak
Host Name: kodiak.baylor.edu
IP Address:
Model: Cray CS400-AC
Operating System: CentOS
Current Status: Kodiak Cluster Report
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Hardware: 100 Compute Nodes

84 x Cray Regular Compute Nodes
Dual 18-core Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processors
256GB DDR4-2133 RAM

1 x Cray Large Memory Compute Node Dual 18-core Intel E5-2695 V4 processors
768GB DDR4-2133 RAM

2 x Cray GPU Nodes
Dual 18-core Intel Xeon E5-2695 V4 processors
Dual NVIDIA P100 16GB GPUs 256GB DDR4-2133 RAM

3 x Cray GPU Nodes
Dual 18-core Intel Xeon Gold 6140 processors
Dual NVIDIA V100 32GB GPUs 256GB DDR4-2666 RAM

1 x Dell GPU Node
Dual 32-core AMD Epyc 7452 processors
Dual NVIDIA A100 40GB GPUs 512GB DDR4-3200 RAM

Storage: 2.5PB multi-tiered
Tier 0: 2 x Dell PowerEdge R7525 servers, 200TB NVMe Excelero NVMesh
Tier 1: 2 x Dell PowerEdge R740 servers, 2 x Dell ME4084 storage arrays, 2.5PB HDD

Cluster File System:

Cluster Interconnect:


Mellanox HDR 200Gb/s (100Gb/s split to compute)

University Libraries

One Bear Place #97148
Waco, TX 76798-7148

(254) 710-6702