Welcome to Our New Online Experience

Welcome to an all-new way to experience the University Libraries! The new baylor.edu/library preserves the same powerful search functionality you expect while presenting a new mobile-first user experience and plenty of new features.

Built for Action

We know that when you visit baylor.edu/library, you are here to accomplish something. Our action-oriented, user-focused interface is designed to surface the most common and important resources the Libraries have to offer. The revamped menu structure invites you to accomplish your Research with a host of online tools, Discover new and exciting resources, Learn new information and skills, and Give to support student success.

Site-wide Live Chat

The new Live Chat feature provides immediate assistance to users across the entire online Libraries experience. The Live Chat button conveniently floats in the lower right-hand corner of each page and is always available for as you explore the site. If Live Chat is offline, a convenient link takes you to our knowledge base, allowing you to search for assistance or send us your question online.


People are the heart of the Baylor Libraries, so bringing People to the center of the Libraries' new online experience was a design priority. Under the About menu you will find People. Clicking this link brings up a complete, alphabetic listing of our libraries staff and faculty with images and basic directory information. Click "More Information" on anyone's listing and view brief biographical information (where provided). People provides a view of the entire library and quickly brings you face-to-face with the team that makes the Baylor Libraries the academic life center of the university.

Integrated Online Forms

To streamline your online experience and improve the way we serve the Baylor community, we integrated our online assistance and service request forms. You will find nearly all of our online forms either on our Ask page or on our new Forms page.

We hope you enjoy the Libraries' new online experience. For our more experienced users, it may take some time to adapt to the new format and structure. However, we are confident that you will like the new design and how it enables you to quickly access the resources and assistance that you need.

If you would like to provide feedback on the new baylor.edu/library or have ideas about how we can build on the enhanced features of the experience, please visit baylor.edu/library/feedback.