Crosshatch Galleries

Photo of Crosshatch wall gallery

Crosshatch: to fill an area by creating intersecting sets of parallel lines; to create something new from distinct but interrelated approaches

Established in the Spring of 2019, the Crosshatch Galleries represent an opportunity for the University Libraries and the Department of Art & Art History to explore ways to integrate art, creativity, and exploration into the Moody and Jones Libraries in interesting and unexpected ways. The goal of the project is to provide student artists with an on-campus, professionally-managed gallery space alternative with access to the 1.1 million annual patrons of the Moody and Jones Libraries. A proposal form for the galleries is accessible at the bottom of this page.

Crosshatch Corridor: First Floor Corridor Between Moody & Jones Libraries

The Crosshatch Corridor offers a dynamic, contemplative environment in which to encounter student works created in a variety of mediums. The Crosshatch Corridor is primarily intended as a space for student work and features a rotating quarterly exhibit schedule.

Who can exhibit in Crosshatch3?
Senior Art BA, BFA, or Art Minor students may submit applications for solo shows in the Crosshatch Corridor. Junior and senior Art BA, BFA or Art Minor students may propose collaborative (multi-artist) shows as either a participant or as a curator.

Submit your proposals for student exhibitions here.

Crosshatch Gallery: Jesse H. Jones Library, First Floor

The Crosshatch Gallery is envisioned as a space for Baylor faculty, alumni, and professional artists to showcase their works in an active study environment with high traffic volumes and a vibrant, energetic atmosphere. The first exhibit in the Crosshatch Gallery was unveiled during the Fall 2019 semester.

Submit your proposals for faculty and professional exhibitions here.

Crosshatch Gallery dimensions
Dimensions for our Crosshatch Gallery space are indicated in the following renderings. For more information, please contact Erik Swanson, the Libraries' Exhibits Curator and Coordinator.

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