Library Fellows

The Library Fellows Program recognizes those who donate $1,000 in any given year to support the Baylor University Libraries. Library Fellow support has enabled the libraries to:

  • Enrich our collections with rare materials
  • Establish a digitization center to preserve rare materials
  • Renovate our facilities to better accommodate the needs of our students

Library Fellows are a prestigious group of supporters whose generosity enables the libraries to achieve excellence. Library Fellows receive advance notice about events and invitations to several exclusive events, including the annual Library Fellows luncheon. As a special benefit, Library Fellows have the opportunity to handle some of the rare collections of the libraries on “white glove tours.” Library Fellows also receive a copy of a book selected annually by the Dean of the Libraries.

Library Fellows funds provide critically needed resources for students and faculty in attaining their scholarly goals and in creating an environment where students can comfortably study, actively learn and pursue knowledge.

For more information on the Library Fellows Program, please contact us by phone at (254) 710-3200 or email.

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