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Except for LP records, all Crouch Library audiovisual items must be requested at the Service Desk. 

You can save time by providing the call numbers for items that you want to check out.  Staff members can assist in looking up call numbers as needed.

If you would like to access an archival recording from the School of Music, see this page.

Remember to check location and availability:

  • The location shown in the online catalog, OneSearch, is "Crouch Media."

  • In OneSearch, items will show as "Available" if they can be checked out at the present time.  Those that are already checked out will show as "Not Available" beneath the title, and the Availability section below will indicate "On loan until MM/DD/YYYY."  

Music Recordings

We have many thousands of music recordings, spanning all time periods and styles. Whether you are studying for a music history exam or just listening for enjoyment, you'll find a lifetime worth of music here. Some recordings are available online anywhere, some are for Library use only, and others can be checked out for listening at home. The Crouch Library's Listening/Viewing Center is equipped for playing music in all of the different formats we offer.

To search for a music recording:

In OneSearch, combine words in the title with the name of the composer and/or performer.  To access recordings in all formats, do not select "sound recordings" before you run the search.  Then, on the search results page, look under Resource Type and select both Audio and Audio Visual.

audio resource types in OneSearch

To browse or search within the many online music collections that the Library provides, see the A-Z Databases page or the Streaming Music Research Guide.



Hundreds of audiobooks are available on CD for check-out. Many more can be found online in the Naxos Spoken Word Library, which is accessible from the A-Z Databases page.

To search for an audiobook in OneSearch:

Use keywords such as the author's last name and/or words in the title.  On the search results page, look under Resource Type and select Audio.  You will also find Audiobooks as a category under Genre, but this is not used consistently for all titles. 

To browse a list of audiobooks in the Crouch Fine Arts Library, use one of these searches:

Audiobooks by author

Audiobooks by title

On the search results page, you can refine the list by the literature genre or other facets listed on the left.


Video Recordings

The Crouch Fine Arts Library provides a wide array of video materials, including documentaries, feature films, educational programs, and musical performances. Some of these are available online, while others are available for check-out on DVD, Blu-ray, or VHS.

For All Formats Together

To get a list containing all video formats, run a search without limits in OneSearch.  On the search results page, under Resource Type, click on "Show More."  Select both Videos and Audio Visual, then click the "Apply Filters" button at the bottom.

For Online Videos

To see available collections, go to the video list on the A-Z Databases page. Links and brief descriptions are provided there.

You can use OneSearch to look for individual titles. For a more focused search, limit it at the beginning to Video/Film:

Video/film search limit in OneSearch

If you are searching for a specific title, it is helpful to limit your search at the beginning to words in the title

Video and title search limits in OneSearch

For Videos in Physical Formats

All physical format videos in our collection can be discovered in OneSearch. Viewing equipment is available in the Crouch Library for all of our different formats.

To search:

  • In OneSearch, enter words in the title, and a performer's name if known. If you're looking specifically for movies, add the subject heading, "feature films" (in quotes) to your search terms.

When you start entering search terms, OneSearch will offer the opportunity to limit your search.  Select "Library Catalog."

search scope menu

Once you have selected Library Catalog, a new menu will appear on the right.  If you wish to exclude other Baylor libraries, select "Crouch Fine Arts Library." Then click on the magnifying glass to run your search.

library selection menu