Duplication Fee Schedule

Texas Collection Reproduction Fee Schedule

Photocopies (staff only)

  • 1-30 $0.10/page
  • 31-100 $0.20/page
  • 101+ $0.25/page

Scans (by staff)

  • 1-30 $0.50/page
  • 30-100 $0.75/page
  • 101+ $1.00/page

Scans (by patron)

  • No charge per scan
  • No fee

Photographs-scans (by staff)

  • $10.00 per image
  • Panoramas $40.00 per image

For publication

  • $40.00 per image


  • $10.00 handling fee plus cost of duplication
  1. Photocopies will be completed by TC staff as time and staff permits.
  2. Photographs for website use will be scanned at 72dpi only.
  3. Payment for scans and reproductions will be made in advance.
  4. Scanning of fragile and oversized materials will be completed on a case by case basis.
  5. Please note when requesting photocopies to be delivered, there will be a surcharge for postage.