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The Texas Collection has two main divisions of materials:

Library Division which houses books, periodicals, bound and unbound newspapers in original format including extensive files of special, commemorative, and historical editions, vertical files Texas State Library depository documents, microforms, and audiovisual materials.

A Librarian lectures on the Texas Collection

  • Use OneSearch, the Baylor Libraries online discovery tool to located Texas Collection resources. *Note: OneSearch does not search the archives division of the Texas Collection. To inquire about these materials, please contact Amie Oliver.

Archives Division which houses non-book materials such as manuscripts and records of Texas individuals, institutions, agencies, and organizations; Baylor University departmental and organization records; tapes and transcripts of oral memoirs from the Baylor University Institute for Oral History; photographs, picture postcards, and maps of Texas, Waco, and Baylor; and audio and moving image media.

  • Registration Form - Application for use of archival materials within The Texas Collection.
  • Go to our BARD Catalog to begin a search on people or organizations that are available through the Archives Division.

Regulations - Please view the complete Reading Room regulations here.

Some Regulation Highlights: To protect valuable materials, Library and Archives materials are accessed by the staff. You will need to present a photo ID. All materials are used on-site within The Texas Collection reading room. The use of rare materials is monitored. Self-service scanners are available; all photocopies are made by the staff. Access and copyright restrictions may apply to some materials. Please review the complete Regulations for both divisions.