Social Media Guidelines

The Texas Collection External Social Media Guidelines

The Texas Collection uses social media to actively engage the public in the full spectrum of materials and events at The Texas Collection and to create a dialogue with patrons. Social media is defined as any web-based application that allows users to engage by sharing information. For this policy, social media includes web-based applications created and maintained by Texas Collection staff, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and blogs.

Social media interaction with subscribers is encouraged. The Texas Collection staff monitors content posted on social media and reserves the right to remove any content posted by users. Comments may be deleted or not released if they are:

  • Threatening, attacking, harassing, or embarrassing other members
  • Promoting hate of any kind
  • Using profanity and offensive language
  • Not appropriate for all ages
  • Off-topic
  • Blatantly spam
  • Included numerous times in a single thread
  • Infringing on copyright law or university policy
  • Advertising a specific commercial service
  • Knowingly misleading other members
  • Reported as abuse

The Texas Collection collects social media usage statistics but does not store subscribers’ personal information. Periodically, social media platforms will be evaluated by staff and may be terminated without notice.

The Texas Collection is not responsible for content posted by our subscribers on any of the social media platforms we currently use. Subscribers’ comments are their own and do not reflect the opinion of The Texas Collection and Baylor University or its employees.