Ruth Shick Montgomery Media Room

In 1982, Ruth Shick Montgomery, former journalist and White House correspondent, donated money to The Texas Collection to set aside space for emerging mediums to be utilized. Today, there are thousands of cds, dvds, cassette tapes, vhs tapes, records, cd-roms, pneumatic tapes, as well as the equipment needed to view these materials in a newly redesigned space. There are also large flatbed scanners connected to computers for patrons to scan high resolution images of materials. If a quick, medium resolution scan is desired, the patron can use the innovative KIC scanner. The staff here at The Texas Collection is willing to train patrons on the various pieces of equipment if they are not already familiar with them.

Copies of Materials
A KIC scanner and flatbed scanners are available for use to copy materials. Please bring along a flash drive to digitally store your documents. Photocopies of documents are available but at a fee. The Texas Collection strongly encourages researchers to make a digital copy rather than a photocopy. In either case, a Request Form for Copying Materials needs to be completed. You need to list every scan, copy, or photograph made. If you intend to publish using Texas Collection materials, you must request a Permission to Publish Form. Only 40% of any collection may be copied.