The Importance of Special Collections


The Texas Collection at Baylor University is a special collection of Texas historical documentation that connects today's researchers with the past.



What is a Special Collection? A special collection is a focused holding of materials on a particular subject. That focus may be a person, such as a President or poet; an industry, such as broadcasting or sports; or it may be a geographical boundary, such as Texas or the Great Plains. By focusing and committing to a single vision, a special collection library can capture the mosaic of identity and thus provide a deeper understanding of the subject. On the other hand, a general collection in a university or public library does not specialize, but rather acquires materials broadly for a wide range of research interests.


Importance to Historical Preservation: A special collection becomes the grateful recipient of rare books, manuscripts, personal papers, maps, photographs, and other primary sources related to the principal subjects represented in the collection. Donated materials are carefully documented, preserved, and cataloged. Without special collections actively working to acquire historic materials, many of our personal histories and documents of regional daily life would be lost.


Importance to Human Knowledge: Special collections are research centers that serve the needs of scholars and communities for topical materials that are focused and organized for access. Researchers at special collections use sources in a wide variety of formats: books, periodicals, manuscripts and letters, maps, oral history audiotapes, newspapers, financial records, photographs, and film. Archivists and librarians within a collection have a comprehensive knowledge of the holdings and its research strengths.


Why Should You Donate To The Texas Collection? Your in-kind donation to The Texas Collection helps to preserve and sustain a major research center on Texas and Texas-related subjects. Your endowment or gift will stimulate our growth by providing opportunities for technology improvements and new acquisitions. The Texas Collection director would be pleased to discuss your special donation and provide more details about The Texas Collection.


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