What is a Bear ID? A Bear ID is an electronic identifier created uniquely for every student and employee of Baylor. It is used to access electronic resources like Airbear, PawPrints, Outlook365, Canvas, ClassRoll, BearBucks, and others. It is also considered a person's network ID.

Bear IDs are generally in the format Firstname_Lastname. Middle initials, first and middle initials, and incremental numbers may be used when the Bear ID is created in order to avoid duplicates.

The Bear ID concatenated with @baylor.edu becomes an individual's Baylor email address.

Bear ID tips:

  • To activate your Bear ID, change password, or add security questions, only use: www.baylor.edu/bearid
  • Not all Baylor systems are case sensitive for your Bear ID, but your passwords are always case sensitive
  • Don't share your password... ever!

More details at: baylor.edu/its/bearid

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