Baylor provides students with convenient access to computers in a variety of locations across campus. For a brief description and location of each facility, select the category below:

Moody Study Commons
With nearly 24 hour access and Starbucks upstairs, it doesn't take students long to discover the Moody Study Commons. Home to Macs, PCs, special big screen project computers, lots of rolling furniture and whiteboards, and HelpDesk+, the Study Commons is the premier study spot on campus.

Around Campus
General Access Computers across campus allow students, faculty and staff to get their work done without their own computer. Our walk-up kiosks and larger computer facilities feature much of the same software found in our premier study location: the Moody Library Study Commons.

Departmental Labs
Many academic departments provide computing facilities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Printing is usually available. These labs are teaching computer labs or study areas and access may be limited.