TechPoint Policy on Making

"NOTICE WARNING CONCERNING COPYRIGHT AND OTHER LEGAL RESTRICTIONS. The copyright (Title 17, United States Code), intellectual property (patent law for example under Title 35, United States Code) and other laws of the United States may govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of content protected by copyright, patent and other laws. Libraries and archives furnish unsupervised photocopy or other reproducing equipment for the convenience of and use by patrons. Under 17 U.S.C. § 108(f)(2) the provision of unsupervised photocopy or reproducing equipment for use by patrons does not excuse the person who uses the reproduction equipment from liability for copyright infringement for any such act, or for any later use of such copy or phonorecord, if it exceeds fair use as provided by section 107 or any other provision of the copyright law, nor does the provision of unsupervised photocopy or reproducing equipment for use by patrons excuse the person who uses the reproducing equipment from liability for patent, tort (such as products liability) or other laws. This institution reserves the right to refuse to make available or provide access to photocopy or other reproducing equipment if, in its judgment, use of such equipment would involve violation of copyright, patent or other laws."

All uses of TechPoint-sponsored makerspace equipment (including via Maker's Edge passes) must conform to the technology usage policies of Baylor University, particularly “all students, faculty, staff, and other authorized users are responsible for seeing that these technology systems are used in an effective, efficient, ethical, and lawful manner. The use of technology systems is a privilege, not a right, that may be revoked at any time for misuse." (BU-PP 025 Technology Systems Usage Policy)

Given the capabilities of 3-D printers and other fabricating tools, there will be:

  • No use of a machine that violates copyright or patent laws;
  • No use of a machine to create objects of a questionable moral or ethical nature;
  • No use of a machine to manufacture items of questionable lawful use (e.g., objects that might be used as a weapon).

Use of the equipment at TechPoint must be supervised by TechPoint and projects be documented. If there is a question of appropriate use, professional staff will make a judgment as to the suitability of a proposed project. Appeal may be made to the Director for Learning Spaces and Media Services if a decision is disputed.

Failure to adhere to any of the rules stated above could result in the suspension of computing privileges at Baylor University. Reference also: Study Commons Technology Rules of Use, ITS Policies, and Library Policies.

[version 2018-12-11]