Baylor Student Policies

Student Policies & Procedures
Baylor University rules, regulations, and policies applicable to students are listed in the Student Policies and Procedures and other student-related publications. Since the Student Policies and Procedures and other student-related publications may be revised semester to semester, it is the responsibility of the student to view revisions online or to obtain revisions from the Judicial Affairs office. (Baylor > Student Policies & Procedures)

Web Site & E-mail Privacy Statement
This statement expresses Baylor's approach to privacy in e-mail messages and Web Sites affiliated with or maintained by Baylor University. (Baylor > About Baylor > Legal Disclosures)

Intellectual Property Policy of Baylor University
This policy is intended to support faculty, staff and students in identifying, protecting and administering intellectual property matters; defining the rights and responsibilities of all involved; and establishing support at Baylor to provide the required assistance. (PDF)

Baylor Graphic Standards
These guidelines are to be applied to all uses of the Baylor marks, whether for advertising, signage, stationery, uniforms, vehicles, Web content or the countless other items that carry the Baylor brand to the world. (Baylor > Baylor Graphic Standards)