Library Information for Graduate Assistants

Library Instruction

The Baylor reference librarians are happy to provide library instruction tailored to the needs of both classes and individuals.

You can sign up to schedule a library instruction session for a class that you are teaching using this form. Instruction can be anything from a library orientation to research strategies and hands-on database searching.

You can also make an individual appointment with a subject specialist librarian or refer any of your students to one of these librarians.

Course Reserves

As a graduate assistant, you may be asked to place course materials on reserve.

Traditional Reserves
Library books, videos and other materials from the circulating collection may be placed on reserve and will be located behind the circulation desk.

Electronic Reserves
As a general rule, copied materials (journal articles, exams, class notes, etc.) are placed on electronic reserve. As a service to the Baylor faculty, the Baylor Libraries' Access Services unit handles the copyright permissions process for materials placed on electronic reserve.

For more information or questions about reserve services, see this webpage or contact Brenda Anderson ( or 710-6705).

OsoFast (InterLibrary Services)

OsoFast Proxy Accounts
The ILL staff will create OsoFast proxy accounts for each faculty member that will allow graduate assistants to order materials on their behalf without jeopardizing the security of the professor's BearID. This ensures that the professor is notified when items are due and can arrange timely renewal or returns. It also ensures that students are not charged for overdue or lost materials that were never intended for their personal use. For additional information, contact the ILL staff at or 710-3054.

Employee Proxy Library Cards
Since the Baylor photo ID card is considered a protected credential under university security access policies, graduate students should not use it to checkout materials on behalf of any faculty member. The Baylor Libraries now provide Employee Proxy Library Cards to students when requested by Baylor employees to facilitate this activity. Employees must complete our online application form for each person they wish to designate as an authorized proxy. Please note that this card is only valid in the Central Libraries, i.e. collections housed in the Moody and Jones Library buildings or in the O'Grady storage facility.

OsoFast Delivery and Article Scan & Deliver
The Baylor Libraries now deliver Baylor-owned and ILL materials to faculty in those academic departmental offices that have elected to participate in the program. Graduate students with teaching responsibilities and who are identified as such each semester by the office manager and/or department chair, are also eligible to participate in this program. We will also scan and send articles from paper-bound journals in the Central Libraries, as needed. For additional information, see this webpage.

OsoFast Home Delivery
Graduate students who live 30+ miles from campus are eligible to receive home delivery of library materials. They are also eligible to receive Article Scan & Deliver services, as needed. For additional information, see this webpage.

Lockers & Carrels


  • Limited supply
  • Available to all grad students
  • Are assigned for one semester
  • Can be renewed a limited number of times


  • Quiet Study available to all, can't be locked
  • Day use for one day use, are lockable
  • Semester use for grad students who have completed coursework


  • Plan for use when it will be most beneficial
  • Always check out library materials before leaving them in carrel/locker

For more information see this webpage