Central Libraries Location Guide

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Guide to Library Resources
Oversize books shelved at the end of each class range. Jumbo oversize books are on Moody 1st.

Class Description Location
A General Works Moody 3rd
B - BD Philosophy Moody 3rd
BF Psychology Jones 2nd
BH - BX Ethics, Religion Moody 3rd
C Auxiliary Sciences of History Moody 3rd
D History: General and Old World Moody 3rd
E History of the United States Moody 2nd
F History, U.S., North and South America Moody 1st
G - GC Geography, Oceanography Jones 2nd
GD - GV Anthropology, Folklore, Sports Moody 1st
H Social Sciences Moody 1st
J Political Science Jones 2nd
K Law Jones 2nd
L Education Moody 1st
M Music Moody 3rd
N Fine Arts Moody 3rd
P Language and Literature Moody 1st
Q Sciences Jones 2nd
R Medicine Jones 2nd
S Agriculture, Plant & Animal Culture Jones 2nd
T Technology Jones 2nd
U Military Science Jones 2nd
V Naval Science Jones 2nd
Z Bibliography and Library Science Jones 2nd

Other Class Designations
Gov Docs Superintendent of Documents Number Jones 1st
CASS Cassette Moody 3rd
CD Compact Disc Moody 3rd
DVD Digital Versatile Disc Moody 3rd
M-P Music Parts Moody 3rd
M-R Music Recordings - Crouch LP's Moody 3rd
M-S Music Scores Moody 3rd
REC Music Recordings (LP) Moody 3rd
VC Video Cassette Moody 3rd

All microfilm, microfiche and microcards Jones 1st

PERIODICALS (journals, magazines, newsletters)
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General, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences Moody 2nd
Computer Science, Engineering, Science Jones 2nd
Government documents Jones 1st
Music Moody 3rd
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Print format Moody 1st
Microform Jones 1st
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General Jones 1st
Music & Fine Arts Moody 3rd

General Moody 1st
Music, other audio-visual Moody 3rd
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Laptops, projectors (Tech Point desk) Moody Garden