Library Instruction Services

Subject Specialist Librarians are available to teach classes on topics related to library research and information gathering.

Our library instruction sessions are tailored specifically to your course and assignments and will help your students become expert researchers by:

Covering the basics

  • What sources should I use?
  • How does OneSearch work?
  • How do I choose a database?
  • Where do I find the book or article?
  • How to identify a scholarly resource?

Introducing advanced sources & search techniques

  • What are the best databases for an advanced paper in my subject?
  • What are the primary sources and where can I find them?
  • How do I use a subject thesaurus?

Reducing fear

We realize many students are hesitant to ask for help, so these sessions are designed to give students the opportunity to meet a “real live” librarian. Students will be encouraged to approach the information desk or make an appointment with a librarian when they need assistance with an assignment.

Increasing efficiency

After a library instruction session, students should be able to retrieve information more efficiently - with less frustration. Our aim is to improve the quality of their work and increase independence in learning.

In person or online

Class sessions are the most popular and useful means of library/information gathering instruction. However, we can also create online research guides for your class, embed ourselves in your Blackboard course as well as work with you in creating inventive and effective assignments.

Contact us to set up a library instruction session for your students!