Subscription Cancellations 07-08

Listed below are the subscriptions recommended for cancellation for 07-08. These lists are sorted by the departments who have previously paid for the titles out of their library materials appropriations.

*If your department is interested in picking up one of these titles, and has money in your budget to do so, please contact your librarian consultant to make this addition.

Ars Orientalis
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Family violence & sexual assault bulletin (transfer to Social Work)
Free inquiry in creative sociology
Journal of offender rehabilitation
Trends in organized crime
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Advertising Age [microform]
Computer World [microform]
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Communication Studies
Independent (New York, N.Y.: 2005)
Ohio Communication Journal
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Moody General
American Medical News [microform]
Business Week [microform]
Clean air act handbook : a practical guide to compliance
Consumer Index to Product Evaluations and Information Sources (ceased)
Ebony [microform]
Education Index (print)
Education Week [microform]
EMBASE list of journals indexed
Encyclopedia of associations. Regional, state, and local organizations
Encyclopedia of governmental advisory organizations
Entertainment weekly [microform]
General Science Index (print)
InfoWorld [microform]
Jet [microform]
Libraries & the cultural record
Library Literature (print)
McGraw-Hill yearbook of science and technology
NASA tech briefs
People weekly [microform]
Premiere [microform]
Publishers' international ISBN directory
Scientist (Philadelphia, Pa.);"The Scientist [microform]"
The Software encyclopedia
Sports Illustrated [microform]
Statistics sources
Technology Grant News
Travel Weekly [microform]
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Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (transfer to Moody General and change to online only)
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Link to Cancellation lists for 05-06 and 06-07