Quotes by Bob Bullock

The Bullock Archive contains 26 bound volumes of speeches, spanning the years 1975 to 1998. Outspoken and humorous, Bullock spoke about almost any conceivable subject to the press and public. Here's a sample...

Campaign Quotes

"If anyone thinks they’re buying anything other than a handshake and a 'thank you', they can look somewhere else." -On campaign contributions, Dallas Times Herald, Feb. 11, 1981

"All candidates for public office--new or used--ought to have to take truth serum before they get up to make a political speech and ought to have to take a lie detector test when they’re through." - Texas Weekly, March 24, 1986

"Politics and government together are the art of the possible...and it’s amazing what can be accomplished for the good of Texas if nobody worries about who gets the credit." - November, 1992

Comptroller Quotes

"When I had that heart attack (in October 1979), that came as a great surprise to people because they didn’t think I had one." - Houston Chronicle, March 30, 1980

"A person who doesn’t have more friends than I’ve got ought to be authorized to carry a gun." - Dallas Times Herald, July 24, 1984

"I’m not about to put out a revenue estimate that isn’t accurate. I love Texas too much for that." - Houston Chronicle, July 31, 1986

"Why should we do less for the student in the classroom than we’d do for the football player on the field?" - San Antonio Light, April 26, 1988

Lt. Governor Quotes

"It’s no coincidence that a 16-foot woman with a sword stands atop the Texas Capitol. I’ve never doubted the message, and neither should any other man." - In remarks to the Austin Women’s Political Caucus, 1992

"The personal responsibility of good government does not end at the ballot box, but lives in the heart and soul of all of us who want Texas to be the best it can be." - At Panhandle Day at the Capitol, March 4, 1997

Quotes from the press conference announcing his retirement, June 5, 1997

"Texas is the greatest state in the country. We have come to understand that government is not something to fix and put away. It is a living, changing expression of the hopes and expectations of Texans."

"Most of all, I am thankful for the opportunity and trust given me by my fellow Texans who see their government as a link to a better future -- especially for our children and grandchildren and the generations to follow."

"I will leave the office [lieutenant governor] with no ill will to anyone, none, but only admiration and respect and love for the people of Texas who made this all possible for me. Only death will end that love affair with Texas."

"For some reason, I knew I would never be governor. I guess I was too outspoken. I was never quite diplomatic enough."

"On and off for 40 years, I have walked through the halls of this magnificent Capitol building, 40 years in partnership with the people of Texas….Only death will end that love affair with Texas."