Other Collections

BCPM supplements its large, foundational holdings with separate but related collections. These materials help to fill in gaps in the historical record and provide perspective on a particular issue or time. Current topics include commodities, agriculture, and the role of congressional staffers in legislative history. We also have a number of JFK assassination collections.

John E. Hogan (1925-2012)
Papers, 1967-1998, 11.3 linear ft.

In 1969 and 1975, Hogan served on the Minority Counsel, District of Columbia Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. From 1975-1979, he served on the Associate Minority Counsel, Committee on Agriculture. From 1979-1995, he served on the Minority Counsel, Committee on Agriculture.

From 2001-2002, Hogan served as Active Deputy Under Secretary, Food Safety and Inspection Service for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Hyde Murray (1930-2009)

Hyde Murray worked for the Office of General Counsel, U. S. Department of Agriculture, for 10 months in 1958 before he joined the staff of the House Committee on Agriculture. There he served more than 20 years as minority counsel on the House Agriculture Committee and almost a decade as counsel to the Minority Leader.

Papers, Inclusive: 1924-2011, undated, Bulk: 1964-2003, undated

The Dick Russell papers consist of original manuscripts, research materials, and articles collected by Dick Russell, pertaining primarily to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Papers, Inclusive: 1932-2006, Bulk: 1953-1998

The Gus Russo papers range from 1932-2006, with dates representing both primary and secondary source documents which make up Russo’s research. Materials are related to his 1998 publication of Live by the Sword: The Secret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. The Russo papers are arranged topically or by name, and include newspaper clippings, government documents, publications, and other research material related to the Kennedy assassination. Additionally, the papers included testimonials before the House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations.

Theresa Seay
Theresa Seay (1944-2011)
Papers, Inclusive: 1865-2010, Bulk: 1988-2010

The Theresa Seay Papers combine over thirty years of research in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The result of which included a master’s thesis, a Ph.D dissertation, a newsletter run, and speaking engagements. Her research is rooted in the volumes of the Warren Commission, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and numerous documents released by the FBI, CIA and other federal agencies since 1963. Seay amassed a large collection of books related to the Kennedy Assassination. Books have been cataloged and incorporated in the larger Poage Library Collection. Major topics include Kennedy assassination literature, conspiracies and cover-ups, the CIA and FBI.

Papers, 1944-2002

Homer Warren was a former mayor of Hewitt, dairyman, banker, and community leader. His former family business, Meadowbrook Farms, is located in Hewitt, Texas. Meadowbrook Farms produced and sold fresh milk products in McLennan County from the early 1900s until around 1965.

Papers, Inclusive: 1964-2009, Bulk: 1965-1993 27.94
67 document and 4 three-ring binder boxes (27.94 linear feet)

Fowler West became a staff assistant to Congressman W. R. Poage in 1963. From 1965 to 1969, he was on the professional staff of the House Committee on Agriculture. Then in 1969 and until 1971, he served as Congressman Poage's Chief of Staff.

In 1971, West returned to the House Committee on Agriculture as a staff consultant where he served as a legislative professional. He was promoted to Staff Director of the Committee in 1973 and served under Committee Chairmen W. R. Poage, 1973-1974; Thomas S. Foley, 1975-1980; and Kika de la Garza, 1981-1982.

President Ronald Reagan appointed Fowler West a Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in 1982.