Our Collections include those of members of Congress, state and local leaders, and political parties. Together BCPM holdings document the history of Congress, congressional leadership, national and Texas politics.

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Over 50 years of congressional history is represented at the BCPM. Our collections are diverse in content and format. Manuscripts, audio-visual materials and electronic media illuminate the historical record of Congress. Aside from traditional political and biographical topics, subject strengths include agriculture, civil rights, and military and veterans' affairs. Collections also supplement coursework in history, political science, journalism and environmental studies, among others.

Outline of the State of Texas

Texas history is lively, tumultuous and engaging. Texas political history is no different. At BCPM, we are home to an important era in Texas history: the rise of a modern state government. Constituent correspondence, issue files and campaign materials bring Texas political history to life. Dive into topics such as re-districting, state financial affairs and study the interactions between everyday Texans and their elected officials. BCPM actively acquires collections that provide insight into the development and evolution of Texas government and law.

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BCPM is home to the papers of district judges, Texas Supreme Court Justices, and Baylor Law School administrators. Together, these holdings represent the balance of power between the judiciary, legislative and the executive branches of government.

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BCPM is the official repository of the Libertarian Party of Texas and home to the McLennan County Democratic Party records.

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BCPM supplements its large, foundational holdings with separate but related collections. These materials help to fill in gaps in the historical record and provide perspective on a particular issue or time. Current topics include commodities, agriculture and the role of congressional staffers in legislative history.

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BCPM has a number of items available online including selections from the papers of Representative Chet Edwards, Representative W. R. Poage and Lt. Governor Bob Bullock. Also of note are materials from the John F. Kennedy Research Collection.