Gregory Garden Entrance Now Open

Sept. 25, 2007

A ribbon-cutting and reception was held Monday, Oct. 1 to officially open the long-awaited Gregory Garden entrance to Moody Library.

If you have ever been to the garden level of Moody Library, you have probably seen the beautiful view of the Gregory Garden. But before now students would have to go downstairs near the main entrance of Moody Library if they wanted to study among the brightly colored flowers and peaceful scenery. The door to the garden was not accessible because security was not set up at the entrance. Now, after almost 40 years of using the main entrances, students and faculty are able to enter and exit Moody Library through the door in the Gregory Garden.

Created in 1968, the Gregory Garden opened the same time the libraries opened, and was renamed the Milton T. Gregory Memorial Garden in 1988 after alumnus Milton T. Gregory passed away.

The opening of the entrance makes library services such as the the Digital Media Studio, the Moody Computing Facility and Java City more accessible to students and faculty.

"It's nice to have an exit to the computer labs downstairs," Cedar Park senior Anna Belle said. "I've studied down there before and it's a nice alternative to studying inside."

The new entrance also makes the Garden itself more convenient to get to, giving students the opportunity for new study environments.

"I'm really excited because the library is a beautiful place to study," Denison junior Brianna McClane said. "It provides a great place to go for study breaks."

Not only does the garden entrance help students, but it also is more accommodating for faculty and staff.

"It makes coming to work easier," Digital Media Studio manager Scott Myers said. "It's a nicer walk."

- Amelia Hudson and Clarissa Nash, Library Advancement