New TexShare Databases Available

July 11, 2006

Libraries throughout the state of Texas receive access to a suite of databases via TexShare. The Texas State Library negotiates pricing for the databases and the funds for purchase the resources are provided both by the libraries' TexShare fees and through monies allocated by the state legislature. Because of funding deficits in the state of Texas, TexShare databases were reduced significantly last year. This year TexShare has been able to restore access to those databases and has added additional resources. Because TexShare supports all types of libraries - public, academic, and school libraries - the suite of databases reflects that diverse audience. Consequently, there are a few TexShare databases that are not relevant for Baylor's curriculum; however, by and large, TexShare provides Baylor's researchers with a significant suite of electronic resources.

The 38 new TexShare databases (available July 1) are listed below. A list of all 69 TexShare databases can be found at:

Note: these resources can be accessed from any Baylor Libraries web page by 1) searching "databases by keyword" using the "Find..." tool or 2) clicking "Electronic Resources" under "Books, Articles & More."

    Proquest / Chadwyk-Healey Databases

  • eLibrary Curriculum
  • Provides digital content designed to support K-12 research and study. Users can search more than 2,000 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, transcripts along with maps, pictures, weblinks, and audio/video files. Also accessible are two other online resources: History study center and ProQuest learning, literature. To aid the lesson planning process, resources may be searched by content standard and learning benchmark.

    EBSCO Databases

  • (we've had access to the open NAL version for a year or so; this is the same database with an EBSCOhost search interface)

    Compiled by the U.S. National Agricultural Library (NAL), this comprehensive source of bibliographic information consists of over 2.5 million citations to journal articles, monographs, theses, patents, software, audio-visual materials, and technical reports. The records describe publications and resources encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines including plant and animal sciences, forestry, entomology, soil and water resources, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural products, alternative farming practices, and food and nutrition. Auxiliary subjects that support NAL's Information Center activities, such as agricultural trade and marketing, rural information, and animal welfare are also included in the database.

  • Alt Health Watch
  • Provides the full text of articles from periodicals, peer-reviewed reports, proceedings as well as association and consumer newsletters. It focuses on the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness, and includes hundreds of pamphlets, booklets, special reports, original research and book excerpts.

  • Bibliography of Native North Americans
  • A bibliographic database covering all aspects of native North American culture, history, and life. This resource covers a wide range of topics including archaeology, multicultural relations, gaming, governance, legend, and literacy. BNNA contains more than 80,000 citations for books, essays, journal articles, and government documents of the United States and Canada. Dates of coverage for included content range from the sixteenth century to the present.

  • Business Source Complete
  • An upgrade from Business Source Premier; in the fall, Academic Search Premier will also be upgraded to Academic Search Complete

  • Computer Source
  • Offers full text for nearly 300 publications, covering topics such as computer science, programming, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, information systems, robotics, and software. In addition, this database offers indexing and abstracts for nearly 450 publications.

  • Consumer Health Complete
  • Provides content covering all areas of health and wellness from mainstream medicine to the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated medicine. This full text database covers topics such as aging, cancer, diabetes, drugs & alcohol, fitness, nutrition & dietetics, children's health, men & women's health, and children's health. In addition, 5,000 Spanish-language health reports and a Spanish-language health newswire are provided. Soon, CHC will also offer an impressive and educational collection of consumer health images, diagrams, animations, and streaming videos.

  • Economia y Negocios
  • Economía y Negocios is the result of a collaborative effort between EBSCO Publishing and ESAN (Escuela de Administración de Negocios para Graduados). This continuously updated bibliographic database is an indispensable tool for research conducted in the areas of business and economics. Search functionality is enhanced through the incorporation of author keywords supplied in Spanish and English. More than 60,000 records, dating back to the early 1980s, provide coverage for over 200 Spanish and Portuguese-language periodicals published in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, the United States and elsewhere. Active titles include Revista de la CEPAL, Revista de Administraçao, Estudios Empresariales, and Agroeconómico.

  • EBSCO Animals
  • Updated annually, this database consists of indexing, abstracts, and full text records describing the nature and habitat of familiar animals. Some full-texts contain image links.

  • ERIC
  • Indexes journal articles and unpublished documents (ERIC Documents) in the field of education.

  • Fuente Academica
  • Contains a unique collection of scholarly journals from renowned Latin American and Spanish publishers. This multi-disciplinary database offers full text content to many academic areas including business & economics, medical sciences, political science, law, computer science, library & information sciences, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy and theology. This database provides full text (including PDF) for 260 scholarly Spanish language journals.

  • Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia
  • Provides over 25,000 encyclopedic entries covering a variety of subject areas.

  • Health Source: Consumer Edition
  • Covers topics such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, drugs & alcohol, aging, fitness, nutrition & dietetics, children's health, women's health, etc. Many full text titles are available in native (searchable) PDF, or scanned-in-color. Full text information in this database dates as far back as 1985.

  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic
  • Provides nearly 550 scholarly full text journals, including nearly 450 peer-reviewed journals focusing on many medical disciplines. Also featured are abstracts and indexing for nearly 850 journals.

  • Information Science & Technology Abstracts
  • Provides indexing and abstract coverage of topics including classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management, Internet search engines, printed and electronic information sources, the information industry, electronic publishing, and more. This database indexes journal articles from more than 450 publications. Sources indexed include books, research reports, conference proceedings, and patents. The oldest continuously produced database covering the field of information science, coverage in Information Science & Technology Abstracts extends back to 1966.

  • Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts
  • Provides abstracts and indexing for literature related to personal computing products and developments in business, the Internet, the home, and all other applied areas. This resource contains content coverage that extends back to the 1980s. Over 400 of the most important trade publications, mainstream computer magazines, and professional journals are covered, including those that focus on specific topics such as Macintosh and Windows platforms, programming, web development and more.

  • Legal Collection
  • Containing full text for nearly 240 of the world's most respected, scholarly law journals, this database is an authoritative source for information on current issues, studies, thoughts and trends of the legal world. Offers information centered on the discipline of law and legal topics such as criminal justice, international law, federal law, organized crime, medical, labor & human resource law, ethics, the environment and much more.

  • MAS Ultra: School Edition
  • A general periodical database that covers general reference, business, consumer health, general health, general science and multi-cultural titles.

  • MasterFILE Premier
  • Provides full text from over 1,810 general reference, business, consumer health, general science, and multi-cultural periodicals. In addition to the full text, offers indexing and abstracts for over 2,780 periodicals. Full text backfiles go as far back as January of 1990, while indexing and abstract backfiles go as far back as January of 1984.

  • MedicLatina
  • Provides access to full text for nearly 100 peer-reviewed medical journals in native Spanish. The majority of full text titles are available in native (searchable) PDF, or scanned-in-color. A wide range of topics are covered including neuroscience, cardiology, nephrology, biomedicine, clinical research, pediatrics, human reproduction, clinical pathology, cancer research, and hematology.

  • Provides access to full text for nearly 100 peer-reviewed medical journals in native Spanish. The majority of full text titles are available in native (searchable) PDF, or scanned-in-color. A wide range of topics are covered including neuroscience, cardiology, nephrology, biomedicine, clinical research, pediatrics, human reproduction, clinical pathology, cancer research, and hematology.

  • Middle Search Plus
  • Offers indexing and abstracts for magazines covering topics appropriate for middle and junior high school students.

  • Military & Government Collection
  • Designed to offer current news pertaining to all branches of the military and government, this database offers a thorough collection of periodicals, academic journals, and other content pertinent to the increasing needs of those sites ... Provides cover-to-cover full text to nearly 300 journals and periodicals and abstracts for nearly 400 titles.

  • Natural & Alternative Treatments
  • Contains detailed information on more than 180 different conditions and the conventional and natural treatments used to treat them, over 200 herbs and supplements, plus drug-herb and drug-supplement interactions for more than 75 drug categories. These articles are entirely based on double-blind, placebo-controlled studies and other forms of meaningful scientific research.

  • Newspaper Source
  • Provides cover-to-cover full text for 20 national (U.S.) & international newspapers. Also, it contains selected full text for more than 230 regional (U.S.) newspapers.

  • Primary Search
  • Designed specifically for elementary school libraries and public library children's rooms, contains full text for nearly 70 popular, elementary school magazines. All full text articles are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles). In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for nearly 100 magazines. Full text is also available for over 100 student pamphlets. This database also provides the American Heritage Children's Dictionary, 3rd Edition from Houghton Mifflin, and an Image Collection of 188,323 photos, maps and flags. Many full text titles are available in native (searchable) PDF, or scanned-in-color. Full text backfiles go as far back as 1989, while indexing and abstract backfiles go as far back as 1984.

  • Professional Development Collection
  • Provides a highly specialized collection of full text journals, designed for professional educators, including information on everything from child development to theories and practices of different teaching methods.

  • Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
  • Provides the full text of articles from 550 journals covering topics such as emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods.

  • Regional Business News
  • Incorporates 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. Included in this database are Arizona Business, Business North Carolina, Crain's New York Business (and other Crain Communications editions), Des Moines Business Record, Enterprise Salt Lake City, Fort Worth Business Press, Orange County Business Journal, Westchester County Business Journal, etc.

  • Religion & Philosophy Collection
  • Covers such topics as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy. This database offers more than 300 full text journals, including more than 250 peer-reviewed titles. The majority of full text titles are available in native (searchable) PDF, or scanned-in-color. Full text information in this database dates as far back as 1975.

  • Science & Technology Collection
  • Contains over 800 leading full text journals covering relevant aspects of the scientific and technical community. Topics include aeronautics, astrophysics, biology, chemistry, computer technology, geology, aviation, physics, archaeology, marine sciences and materials science. In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 1,700 publications. This collection contains many scholarly journals including Advances in Physics, American Scientist, Archaeoastronomy, Astronomy & Geophysics, Civil Engineering, Engineering Management Journal, International Journal of Computational Engineering Science, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Journal of Architectural Engineering, Journal of Applied Microbiology, Journal of Mathematical Logic, Journal of Theoretical & Computational Chemistry, Molecular Physics, Plant Biotechnology Journal, Quarterly Review of Biology, Space Communications, Spatial Vision, and many more.

  • Serials Directory
  • Contains over 184,000 U.S. and international titles, including newspapers; historical data for an additional 20,000 titles; data from nearly 83,500 publishers worldwide, including e-mail and Internet addresses; and Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal Classifications for every entry.

  • Texas Reference Center
  • Includes more than 80 full text journals and books about Texas history, ethnic & cultural diversity, gender studies, literature, public health, business as well as home & garden and sports & leisure. The database contains biographies portraying famous historical and contemporary Texans such as George Herbert Walker Bush, Lady Bird Johnson, Dan Moody, Susanna Dickinson and Sam Houston. Also available in the Texas Reference Center is the Spanish-language newspaper El Sol de Texas with Texas and national news coverage. This EBSCOhost database is updated weekly.

  • TOPICsearch
  • This current events database allows researchers to explore social, political and economic issues, scientific discoveries and other popular topics discussed in today's classrooms. It contains full text for over 102,800 articles from 2,500 diverse sources including international and regional newspapers, EBSCO's unparalleled periodicals collection, biographies, public opinion polls, book reviews, pamphlets, government information and EBSCO's Current Issues database. This database provides full text for more than 1,550 publications. In addition to the full text, indexing and abstracts are provided for more than 1,650 journals.

  • Vocational & Career Collection
  • Provides full text coverage for nearly 350 trade and industry related periodicals. In addition to the full text, indexing and abstracts are provided for over 600 journals. Full text information in this database dates as far back as 1985.

  • World History Collection
  • Pffers a global look at history with content from Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. It contains cover-to-cover full text for nearly 150 titles, including many peer-reviewed journals. Full text dates as far back as 1964. These hand-selected information sources cover a wide range of historical topics including anthropology, art, culture, economics, government, heritage, military, politics, regional issues, and more. In addition to the full text, indexing and abstracts are provided for all journals in the collection.


  • Scribner Writers
  • Includes approximately 1,600 full-text articles on writers and literary genres drawn from 13 acclaimed Scribner print series. Each signed article was written by a noted scholar and concludes with a bibliography of primary and secondary sources for further study.

  • Twayne's Authors Series
  • Contains 600 full-text titles from the Twayne Literary Masters series, 200 each from Twayne World, US, and English authors.