Schuetz Celebrates Anniversary by Donating Painting

Feb. 23, 2006

Elizabeth Empress

Melvin Schuetz is one of those people who "gives back," so it did not surprise the library advancement staff when he presented them with a painting in honor of his 10th anniversary in Circulation Services.

"I had already, previously, joined the Baylor Book Society, so wanted to find another venue to express my grateful appreciation to Baylor and the Libraries for all they have given me," Schuetz said. "I observed the recent increased amount of artworks displayed in the Libraries, and had the idea to contribute in that way."

The painting is a portrait of Elizabeth, empress of Austria and queen of Hungary, who led a somewhat tragic life. She was assasinated in Geneva, Switzerland, on Sept. 10, 1898.

Bill Hair, acting dean of libraries, told Schuetz, "It is nice to have a colleague who thinks so much of the Libraries and finds so many ways to give back to us and to the University."

Schuetz actually began working in Interlibrary Loans in 1994 and will be celebrating his 12th anniversary with Baylor Libraries next month. While the location of the painting is as of yet to be determined, the Libraries are most grateful for Schuetz' donation and for his dedicated service.