Vander Poel Collection Items To Be Displayed On Browning Day

April 19, 2004

One of the most spectacular printed works in the Vander Poel Collection items acquired by Armstrong Browning Library is the Kelmscott edition of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, which is beautifully illustrated, much of it by William Morris, typographer and noted designer.

Rare collectable items from the Halsted B. Vander Poel Collection will be unveiled during the annual Browning Day celebration on May 7 at the Armstrong Browning Library.

The library's director, Dr. Stephen Prickett, purchased 25 lots from the collection at an auction held at Christie's in London on March 3. The exciting acquisition includes manuscripts, books, correspondence and other materials relating to Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and 19th-century literature, Dr. Prickett explained.

Dr. Prickett will give the Browning Day lecture on the importance of the recent acquisition at 2:30 p.m. Friday, May 7, in the Hankamer Treasure Room, where the Vander Poel materials will be displayed before and after the program. A reception will follow in the Cox Reception Hall. 'We hope the Baylor and Waco communities will take advantage of the opportunity to see this remarkable addition to the Armstrong Browning Library,' Dr. Prickett said.

An autograph manuscript of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 'Essay on Mind' and the correspondence between Robert Browning and Julia Wedgwood were the Library's top priorities at the sale; a nice complement to the correspondence was a selection of books that Browning had presented to Miss Wedgwood, which the Library also purchased.

The new collection features other significant acquisitions, including letters written by EBB regarding her poetry as well as letters and works by Matthew Arnold, Thomas Carlyle, Eliza Cook, Charles Kingsley, and John Ruskin, and a wealth of other materials relating to the Brownings and other 19th-century writers. Perhaps the most spectacular printed work is the Kelmscott edition of , which is beautifully illustrated, much of it by William Morris, typographer and noted designer.

More information on the Browning Day celebration may be obtained by calling Kathleen Miller, 710-4968. Browning Day is held annually to celebrate the birthdays of the Brownings.